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Margien Matthews

That's tough! However you've passed the first hurdle - you made that list which proves that you are capable of letting things go and that you don't feel the need to hold onto all tasks. Here are some ideas for indirect delegation:
- Use technology. Is there anything that you can get an app or other electronic tool to do for you? Yes, it takes time to set it up but you can win back hours of time
- Create growth for some-one else. Is there anyone who would view your overflow work as an opportunity to build their skillset? If so, teach them and give them a chance to practice.
- Look for spare capacity. You may have a colleague who's job is not overly demanding and who has spare time. Find out if you can delegate some work to them and ensure that they get the recognition they deserve for taking this on.
- Do a swop. In other words find some-one who is willing and able to help you, and in turn offer to help them when they need assistance and you are less stretched
- Outsource. Find and pay for external assistance in order to give you more time to focus on the mission-critical stuff. Some sites to explore for freelancers are,,