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    Margien Matthews

    A member recently lost her job. She doesn't have a financial cushion to spend time looking around - she needs to get employment fast to keep paying her bills. It will take a while to find something in her profession; however she has two opportunities to get employed next week by compromising and taking something she is over-qualified for and which will pay half as much as she was earning previously. She feels like a failure because she'll be taking a big step backwards.

    We spoke about the damage that negative self-talk does to us. We also reframed the situation. Our member is going to consider the situation differently and, in her words, "Right now I'm facing an unexpected career challenge. To keep paying the bills I'm going to take a short-term position which pays less and which is outside my profession. This will lessen my financial anxiety and will allow me some space to regroup and refocus my energy. I haven't given up on my profession - instead I'm following a survival strategy for now. And I'm going to give myself a reasonable timeframe of 3 to 6 months to find a new job in my chosen profession".

    Once she gave the situation a different perspective, she immediately felt less panicky and things seem more manageable. If you're in the same boat, be kind to yourself. Set yourself a reasonable goal and remember, there's a pandemic on. Things are tough everywhere and everyone's affected. Keep expectations realistic, pat yourself on the back and keep going!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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