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    Margien Matthews

    I have a lovely story to share here. One of our members is a small business owner who has been doing an enormous amount of social media marketing to keep her business going during the pandemic. She mostly gets great reviews but recently a somewhat negative review was posted. Her first instinct was to get defensive and voice her disappointment. However she realised this would not serve the public image that she portrays (which was top of mind as she's currently working through the "Brand Me" topic), nor does it show empathy or effective relationship management (as covered in the Dig Deep stage). She crafted a wonderful response, giving a balanced view, lots of empathy and an invitation for a better experience next time. Any potential customers who read this will no doubt feel drawn to a business that's warm and positive in the face of criticism. She told me that she handled this very differently than she would have done prior to doing the BSE roadmap. How great to get this feedback and to see such positive results!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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