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    Margien Matthews

    Day 51- Copycat - gave a member a tough time. He felt that the role model he had in mind was not a good fit to his personality in that they are very outgoing and he's somewhat quiet and reserved. However he wants to project himself in a similar way. We had a good discussion about this and he got insight that he should not look to fundamentally change who he is - because that's not authentic and will not fit well with his style of interacting. We discussed two ways to deal with this issue: either to choose a trait of his role model that he can "water down" to fit more comfortably with his personality, or else to choose a different role model who is similar to him but who achieves the types of result he aspires too. He decided to go for the second option and reported back after a week that it's working well for him.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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