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    Margien Matthews

    I've just finished a discussion with a member about the personal audit he conducted after Day 29. He found that the promotion he's aiming for doesn't line up with his strengths. So his question is whether he's setting himself up for failure and whether it's possible to turn some key development areas into strengths.

    We unpacked where his weaknesses are and what he'd need to do to skill up in those areas. It turns out that the skills gaps relate mainly to people management and interpersonal skills. By his own admission he's not really a people's person but he feels he can change this in order to be successful. However before we work out a tailored development plan with him, he wants to spend some time thinking whether he really wants that specific promotion if it's going to involve a large amount of people interaction (which he finds draining). Perhaps there are other career opportunities which are a better fit with his strengths.

    I'm glad he's going to give this some thought. Sometimes we blindly reach for that next step - but it may not be a step that is fulfilling or meaningful to that particular person. Doing a personal skills audit helps us to tune into what our unique abilities are and how we can put them to best use.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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