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    Margien Matthews

    A member recently shared with me how she completely revised a presentation she'd planned, based on the influencing techniques she learnt in Day 54. She badly wanted to get a "yes" outcome for an idea of hers - it was really important to her. She reviewed her presentation through the lens of ethos (establishing credibility), logos (facts and reason) and pathos (emotion). She realised that her presentation didn't touch the human element at all. So she build in a real-life story to support her argument. She was thrilled that her hard work got results, as the key decision-maker in the room was very interested in her story, asked a lot of questions around it and at the end came out in strong support of her concept. She thinks she wouldn't have achieved the same result without adding this dimension. So if you're busy preparing an important talk or presentation, be sure to include pathos in order to connect with your audience!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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