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    Margien Matthews

    Sandy, 26, landed her dream job in the film industry 18 months ago and since then her career has been on fire. She's had a promotion, is making excellent connections and the pay is very good. On the downside there's lots of pressure and very long hours. The nature of her work is project-based, so she works really hard for three to six months and then has a vacation break (if she chooses and if her finances allow for this) before moving onto the next project.

    Now that the world is opening up again, post-pandemic, she's keen to take breaks of one to three months between projects, and do some travel. She feels that her job lends itself well to this, provided that she budgets smartly and keeps her work contacts going. Her father on the other hand is deeply concerned about this approach. He feels that she should get solid experience of several years and minimize her breaks in order to stay close to the action.

    Sandy's feeling conflicted and contacted me to discuss the situation. After a deep discussion Sandy came to the conclusion that she doesn't feel her career will be compromised by taking longer breaks, and that now is the ideal time as she has no commitments or ties to stop her. So the only thing left to do is to provide her father with more perspective on the nature of her work and her goals (which are miles removed from his steady corporate experience) to get him more relaxed about her choices.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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