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    Margien Matthews

    A member told me yesterday that she's been back at work for two days and is feeling down and demotivated. She used to love her job but she's struggling with the erratic nature of the pandemic - and balancing work from home with going into the office. She felt the old days were much easier as there was a fixed routine, and she liked working in an office every day. She felt this helped her separate her home life from work. She's dreading the uncertainty of the year ahead.

    Many people are feeling like this. Going into Year 3 of the pandemic is nothing to get excited about and we don't know what to expect. We spoke about the following strategies she could explore to make January a better month:
    a) If she has a good rapport with her manager, she should share her feelings. Her manager can't fix the situation but can provide support and understanding when she needs it most.
    b) She could brainstorm what she enjoys most about her job in order to remind herself of her passion for her profession. Sometimes all we need is a reminder to get us focused and energized.
    c) She enjoys structure, so she could develop a clear routine to use on her work-from-home days which is similar to her routine when she's at work. For example she could have breaks at very specific times, and also structure her working day to replicate as closely as possible what she does at the office and when.
    d) She could discuss with her manager the possibility to get involved in a special project on a topic that interests and excites her. That may be the extra boost she needs in order to get more excited about being back at work.

    She's going to try these strategies and will keep us posted!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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