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    Margien Matthews

    A member told me earlier this morning that Day 20 - Culture Vulture- hit the spot with her. She's been trying for 2 months to get her manager to agree to a different way of doing things but hasn't had much success. So she applied the lessons of Day 20 and realised that her formal structured approach doesn't fit well with his style. So she set up a meeting, held a conversation with him, and got him to brainstorm a solution with her. The end result was not far off from what she's been wanting to introduce for the past 2 months, but she's smart enough to realise that the more invested he is in the solution, the more likely he is to push for it to go ahead. She also realised that she needs to follow up on progress not through emails but by making informal frequent contact with him.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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