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    Margien Matthews

    One of her members recently had her rent put up by 25% (this would be London, in case you're guessing!). She can't afford that so she has to move. She's not unhappy with her salary and it's market-related, however she was wondering if the recent rental increase could be a good reason to approach her boss for an increase.

    She's been in the job for a year now and feels she's doing well. Her boss is not big on feedback so this is a guess on her part.

    I helped her prepare for a discussion along the lines below, without reference to her rental situation as it's not necessarily a good reference point. She should be paid what she's worth and this should be benchmarked to her performance and to the job market, not to single external event.

    She raised the following points with her boss:
    a) she requested feedback about her performance in order to evaluate if she was doing a good job
    b) she asked for specific areas in which she could improve and what she could do better
    c) she asked for a review of her salary in relation to the value she was adding to the organization based on her year's experience in the job

    It went very well! Her boss was extremely complimentary of her performance, gave her some good pointers about a specific area of her job in which she could improve (and he offered to pay for training) and agreed to review her salary.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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