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    Margien Matthews

    A member recently disclosed to me that going through the "DIG DEEP" stage of BestStepEver's roadmap made it clear to her that the career path she's currently pursuing (data analytics-related) does not meet her social need. Her parents supported her through four years of study, and now that she's in her first job she's getting a better feel for the position - enough to realise that she's not some-one who's comfortable working on her own and analysing data for most of each day.

    We've come up with the following plan of action which balances her existing investment in her career with a more compelling future:
    a) she's going to stick it out for the first year in order to get a solid 12 months of experience
    b) at the same time she's going to research jobs that combine data analytics with people interaction
    c) and then she's going to see what opportunities exist in her existing company to migrate her skills to a position that suits her personality better

    That way she hopes to build on what she's learnt so far, but not to let it limit her. Ultimately her ideal position would be something in the data analytics field which also has a strong people-interaction component. This could be either with clients or with staff.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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