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    Margien Matthews

    Here's a situation I was asked about recently: you're demotivated in your current position and some-one from another division in the same company has told you that you'd be very suited to a new position which may be opening up soon. You're keen to move, and you want to be open and honest about the situation. At which point do you talk to your existing line manager about your interest in another position?
    My answer: Don't hold any discussions with your current line manager until "possible" becomes "probable". So this means the new position needs to have opened up for recruitment; and you need to have had a preliminary discussion with the potential future line manager about your suitability for the new position. if you're getting good signals, now is the time to use lots of tact and diplomacy to tell your existing manager why you're interested in the vacant position and how you'll benefit from a personal growth and career point of view. Try not to mention any negatives (e.g. what you don't like in your existing job) but rather point out the potential benefits of the new position. Ask for their support and let them know that if you're not successful, your commitment to your existing job is not in question.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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