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    Teresa Fryer

    Dear Coaches and course participants

    I am thoroughly loving this program, especially how the steps have been developed. Personally, I have found a lot of the content specific to where I find myself today. I've even realised that a lot of my skills/strengths could do with a bit of a revamp to get the mojo flowing again!

    I have a general question about the roadmap steps and how I'm working through them. There are some days where I feel I need to put more time and effort into the action steps after viewing the video and often I'm not ready to go ahead with the step on the next day. Not sure if anybody else is experiencing the same so just needing some advice if this is okay or if I should push myself to complete each day on the day?

    Another thought is when we reach Day 90 and I'm perhaps still on an earlier day, will the course close before I finish all the days?

    Look forward to feedback from everyone.

    Margien Matthews

    Hi Teresa,
    Many thanks for the positive feedback and we are delighted that the content is matching your needs so well.

    It's 100% OK for you to slow down and spend more than a day on a specific step instead of rushing to the next step. Quality is more important than quantity and if you feel the need to spend more time on the actions, that's great. What's important is that you do something, every day, to keep the habit going. It would be great if others could comment on their experience and how they're addressing this issue.

    The course will not close before you finish all the days. So if you're taking longer to work through the days, that doesn't matter. All the content stays available for you to work through at a tempo that suits you, and remains accessible for you to revisit previous content, as long as you remain an active member.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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