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    Margien Matthews

    One of our members (let's call her Sue) is a dental technician in a busy practice. She recently approached her boss for a salary review and received a small adjustment. Recently her boss's partner, who runs a therapy practice, offered her extra work on Saturdays. The job involves administration, managing the front desk and liaising with clients. On the upside the money would be of help to her. On the downside, her weekends are precious to her; she's not sure she has the energy for extra work hours, and she doesn't see the point in developing skills outside her profession.

    In discussion, we identified that she wants to maximize her earnings within her profession. She does not want to supplement her earnings with less meaningful work that falls outside her profession. That's a good insight to have!

    We discussed how she could gracefully decline the offer and what other avenues she could seek to maximize her earnings as a dental technician. This included taking a specialized course to enhance her career and boost her earnings, as well as undertaking ad-hoc locum work to enhance her earnings in the short term.

    If you're serious about your career, it's far better to stick to your knitting!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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