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    Margien Matthews

    Here's an interesting discussion I've been having with a member: her workload has greatly increased in the past year, both in volume and in responsibility. She has taken over work from colleagues who have departed and will not be replaced, and she is working long hours to meet deadlines and targets. She raised the issue with her manager six months ago, who said he would put her forward for promotion in January.

    Well, it's now approaching March and there's still nothing happening. Her manager has given various excuses such as having to put together a motivation; waiting for feedback from HR; waiting from divisional feedback; budget problems. She has the feeling that he's promised something he can't deliver on. On her side she wants her remuneration and job title to accurately reflect her responsibilities.

    It could well be that internal organizational issues are creating barriers which her manager is struggling to overcome. She's going to follow the action plan below:
    a) have a candid conversation with her manager and ask him to be transparent with her about the roadblocks and the probability of success
    b) discuss with him what "plan b" could look like. Explore if there are other ways he can recognize and reward her contribution if a promotion is not an immediate possibility
    c) put timeframes around all this so that she knows where she stands. Once this is clear she can consider her options further either internally or external to the company.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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