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    Margien Matthews

    I recently followed up with a member who signed up but never got past Day 1. She told me that she's feeling extremely down and unmotivated. She was waiting to get more motivated so that she could benefit from the program.

    I did a deal with her. I asked her to do all five sessions for the following week, just ten minutes a day. No matter how low she felt or how dispirited her mood. Then we'd connect again.

    Well, after the week was done we connected.

    She told me that the commitment to do just one week of sessions helped to give her focus. She found the sessions lifted her mood for the day and she tried a few things with good results.

    "What I've learnt is that I shouldn't wait until I feel the time is right", she told me. "I just need to put it in my calendar and do it, whether I feel like it at the time or not. So far I haven't regretted any time I've spent on this. It also made me realize that I should apply this principle to other areas of my life too. So I've set myself some small health and fitness goals to get my energy up. For me the secret is to do small things, more frequently. If I get too ambitious, I just drop out and then feel even worse about things. So small steps definitely work for me".

    Perhaps you're in the same boat. Just allocate ten minutes a day! if you need us to motivate you, drop us a line and we'll set a support program in place. Because we want you to get the best possible benefits from the program. Don't be your own worst enemy in this regard!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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