Want to empower your staff and boost their personal growth but have limited resources?

BestStepEver has a clever solution for you!

Our revolutionary online personal growth program enables all employees to develop a wide range of key strategic skills and action their career development in just 10 minutes a day.

Are any of these giving you a headache?

Your budget is tight and you need a cost-effective solution to develop your staff's soft skills

The young and restless are pushing for personal growth opportunities, but you have nothing suitable to offer them

Your company is so busy that there’s simply no time to allocate to advancing soft skills

You want to future-proof your staff and reduce resistance to change

Your staff are unhappy because they feel there is underinvestment in their careers

Your technical staff lack interpersonal skills and it’s causing problems

Your training budget is eaten up by high potentials and low performers, leaving the “missing middle” frustrated and demotivated

The learning revolution starts here

You're not alone, we’ve been in your shoes! We know what it’s like to stretch a training budget till it squeals but still there’s not enough to go round.
We also know what it’s like to lose good staff because you couldn’t offer sufficient growth or career opportunities.
And let’s not even talk about time pressures!

We’re passionate about giving everyone a chance to realise their potential and craft their own personal path to success. We’re also big fans of microlearning to reach all those who are stretched for time but want to invest in themselves. And we understand how much staff value and engage strongly with companies who boost their careers through learning initiatives.


We set out to solve the most common challenges that professionals face in order to create business impact

Want to know more?

The Solution

Structured 90-day Roadmap of discovery
Ten minutes of snappy learning a day
Smart daily actions to embed the learning
Support from a like-minded community
Online chat for personal coaching support
Structured 90-day Roadmap of discovery

a 4 step methodology

Gain personal insight through key emotional intelligence tools

Identify a clear vision for the desired career path

Upgrade key skills to enhance confidence & productivity

Develop a clear action plan with key measurables

Sneak peek

Our roadmap covers a carefully curated program of relevant topics for professionals.
Each topic consists of 6 days, including quick and snappy videos and engaging activities.
Most days also include fun worksheets to consolidate the learning and get down to action.

change management and development skills
how you spend your time
your personal influence style

The Perks

What's in it for your COMPANY
Quick & easy to implement L&D offering
Learning opportunity suitable for most employees
very cost-effective solution that won't break your training budget
Boosts personal accountability for professional and career growth.
Increases employee engagement and commitment.
Confident and courageous in reaching goals
Empowered with a box of tools and methods to manage anything
an agile mindset and resourcefulness
Big picture view of their growth path
Highly engaged and self-accountable
What's in it for your EMPLOYEES



Better, higher, faster!​

I’m so glad Margien and Jeanette are sharing their extensive expertise and passion for personal growth with a wider audience. Their snappy tips and techniques are spot on for everyone who wants to get better, higher, faster!

Business Development
United Kingdom

Gives me my daily inspiration to want to do more.

I learned that there is no ideal moment to work on my goals nor myself, I decide every day to MAKE it the right moment. With BestStepEver I am making small steps, with the result that I also achieve at least one thing every day - which makes me feel great and gives me my daily inspiration to want to do more! The time to imagine things is over. I actively do something for it, every day.

PhD in Chemistry

Bursts of very valuable information

As a small business owner I’m really busy so these short, focused videos are a fantastic way for me to get quick bursts of very valuable information and insight. It’s definitely helping me to get more effective and they keep my interest high.

Small Business Owner
South Africa


Unlock huge value for your staff and make your L&D offering shine bright like a diamond.

Contact us to arrange a demo and answer all your questions.

Unlock huge value for your staff and make your L&D offering shine bright like a diamond.

Contact us to arrange a demo and answer all your questions.

Margien Matthews

Jeanette Gillmann

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