Have some queries about how all this works? 

If the topics below don’t address your query, please send us a message using the Contact Us form on the website.

You get access to new content daily. You will be sent an email with a link every day to remind you to log on for your 10-minute session. 

You can also log in directly on the website instead of using the email link. 

Please note that you can only access a daily video if you have watched the full video from the previous day. For example, you cannot watch Day 3 if you have not watched the Day 2 video.

The system automatically ticks completion after you have watched a video in full.

Each day has a short daily video with a daily activity.

Some days may also include a download and the link for the download will be below the video. 

Not all days have downloads.

Don’t worry if that happens.  It stays available to you so you can always retrieve it later or even the next day if things got too hectic.  If for whatever reason you miss a few days, they will stack up and wait for you until you have time to give it your attention again. 

It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people and to share your journey.  Simply select the topic you are currently busy with, and you’ll be able to join the conversation.  Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences as they will be of great benefit to others. 

Simply select the live chat option and get talking! We’ll respond as soon as we can to give you a customised experience and to help you on your way.  Once you contact us we’ll know that you’re open to interacting with us. We don’t want to bug you, so we won’t reach out to you unless you let us know that you welcome our connection.

Our program is carefully designed to stimulate your interest and support your growth without overwhelming you.  That’s why we’ve structured our content in a short daily dose which makes the lessons stick and which builds your expertise in a structured way.  Basically, we’re saying that we don’t make it possible for you to move faster because we don’t believe it’s in your best interests, sorry!

Unfortunately, that’s not possible because each section builds on the section before. It would be like reading the chapters of a book in no particular order so the impact and relevance of the content would be compromised.  There's method in our madness!

If you run behind, don’t worry! The content is available for as long as your subscription is active.  Sometimes we require a break. But please don’t make that break too long! Stay in the habit of a 10-minute dose of learning every day. Because that’s how you get moving and achieving.

If this is something you want, (over and above the goal coaching via live chat) and it's not available as part of your membership package, drop us a line to explore your options.

We are continuously improving things to give you the best experience possible so we want to hear what’s important to you!

Once you've completed the Roadmap, the Power Skills Academy opens for you. You can then choose to do deep dives of between 15 and 20 days per topic, using the same structure as the roadmap. The topics that you choose will depend upon your unique journey.

If you're uncertain which topic to choose first, connect with us for some support. For as long as you're a paid-up member, you can continue with your personal development journey using the Power Skills Academy. 

If you're an individual member (instead of a corporate member), yes, of course! Simply go to your profile and view your account to make changes to switch your subscription. Your monthly subscription is then cancelled automatically.

We’ll be sorry to see you go but be assured that you can cancel at any time by going into your account and cancelling in the subscriptions section.

Once you cancel, you’ll still have access to the academy until your current subscription period ends. You can of course rejoin any time in the future!  Bear in mind however that you will start from the beginning again. For privacy reasons we do not retain your details so there is no way of knowing how far you got previously.

We work on Central European Time so be sure to cancel 24 hours BEFORE your next payment is due, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.