BestStepEver is a purpose driven organisation. Soft skills training empowers people and opens new opportunities, and we want this power to touch as many people as possible. Our learning pathways are designed to make soft skills development inclusive throughout the workplace already. But because inclusivity starts outside of work, our social impact programme addresses the needs of people outside of the workplace, too.

We live in an increasingly unfair world. Millions of people worldwide struggle to find meaningful, rewarding world.  Those born into less privileged circumstances are the least likely to ever find professional employment.

That’s why, for every ten licences we sell, we donate a licence to someone who needs it. We focus on people who want to grab this opportunity to enhance their work-readiness.  As with all of our members, we walk the road with them and add in support to find meaningful employment too.

At BestStepEver one of our core values is inclusivity – because everyone should be given a chance to develop.  Anyone can write up values. Our social impact program delivers on this value.

So you triple your impact.

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